Heal your body and mind
by Elena Mozgovaya
+306949090177, Corfu Acharavi
Find out the various of service

Full body massage with natural oil — €60

Full body massage with  chocolate  — €100

Scrub with greek yougurt & coffee full body

massage  — €100

Gentle peeling with natural clay +

full body massage with natural oil — €100

Full body massage with natural oil +

face mask (aloe, chocolate, natural clay,

greek yogurt) — €70

The cost may be vary depending on the location of the principal.

Hello! My name is Elena. I believe in human integrity: our feelings are reflected in our bodies. When we feel well and calm, our body is relaxed and we are pleased. If we are afraid of something or unsatisfied or disappointed with something so the body closes and tenses. I believe that emotions which are not expressed in time get stuck in our body in the form of clamps that bring discomfort and pain. By studying different practices of different massage disciplines of the world (Tantric massage, Classical massage, Relaxing massage, Psychosomatic, Holistic Pulsing, Thanato technics, Breathing practices), I have found my own unique way to show you, how easy it is to express your feelings, thereby deeply relaxing the body. I select an individual approach for each person using my knowledge based on your request and my feelings of your body. During the session I help you to see your hidden feelings and release them by giving them space. During the session, when your body is gradually released, you will receive new ideas, insights into the realization of your desires and your place in this life. Believe me, it’s very pleasant experience. By taking care of your body you create a new design for your life — comfortable, relaxed and cool.

A massage session with me is a professional service that does not
involve the provision of intimate services


Heal your body and mind
by Elena Mozgovaya

+306949090177, Corfu Acharavi

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